PARts VIN Decoder Service plus Rego lookup

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PARts VIN lookup uses leading industry systems and decoder technology – not recycled results from “other” people.


  • VIN and Registration* lookup now available in PARts B2, PARts BX, PARts Console and API integrations for your own web site
  • Bolster your vehicle search by allowing users to search on VIN or Rego* (*Rego in beta pilot)
  • Accurate listings powered by industry standards
  • Vehicles can be matched to text, KType (TecDoc) or RBC (RedBook)

PARts aims to deliver answers and a direct link to one of several possible industry standard vehicle tables. If no direct match is possible, suggestions for possible matches are provided with year, make and model information where available.

Our API or web services can deliver this information to your own web site, lookup or e-commerce solution based on your needs. Different products are available for retail B2C or trade B2B requirements.


PARts VIN plus Rego service is fully integrated in to PARts B2 and can be used in PARts BX

Enter the vehicle VIN and PARts searches our VIN/Rego Decoder for a match. Or, enter vehicle registration* and state and PARts searches our VIN/Rego Decoder for a match. (*Registration lookup in beta trial)

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PARts B2 autocompletes your vehicle in the search based on VIN or Rego lookup and displays parts lists for that vehicle.

As a decoder service, we offer a mixture of actual live and interpreted data using the best resources available. If an exact match can’t be found, the service will prompt with suggestions based on available year, make and model information allowing the user to drill down further.

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Subscribing to the VIN plus Rego service includes lookup access via PARts Console to help brands, suppliers and parts sellers better research the right parts for the car.

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VIN plus Rego lookup service automatically includes access to the PARts vehicle image library

Coupled with our comprehensive vehicle image library, the VIN/Rego lookup provides accurate feedback on vehicle data and images and with front and rear quarter views. You can also subscribe to PARts Vehicle Image library as its own service.

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Why did we create the VIN plus Rego Lookup and Decoder?

The beta release is now available via PARts Console, PARts B2, PARts BX or delivered as an API service to you or your web site.

  • Narrow down a vehicle ID and see related fitment, parts or servicing information using this useful reference data.
  • Use a mixture of live and interpretive results from the best industry sources and standards available
  • See results as text, K-Type (TecDoc) RBC (Redbook) or other standards for complete vehicle information.
  • Always get a result of some kind
  • Includes subscription to PARts Vehicle Images for extra detail

Registration lookup is in beta but coverage is growing.

Talk to the PARts team about options for retail B2C or trade B2B services. Price plans are available to suit different volumes and you only pay for successful calls or results.

PARts VIN lookup uses leading industry systems and decoder technology – not recycled results from “other” people.