eBay and PARts DB work together to improve auto parts data

eBay Australia is continuing their push to further improve the buyer and seller experience within auto parts with better cataloguing. PARts DB and TecDoc will be powering an auto parts catalogue which includes product fitment. These changes are due late 2017 and are good news for parts sellers and automotive brands. At a listings level changes include rich item specifics and fitment links. Data is directly supplied by local agents and manufactures via PARts and TecDoc, validated and auto...

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PARts introduces the power of kitting and bundling for auto parts sellers

Introducing the most powerful tool in the online auto parts market – PARts Kitting and Bundling. PARts now lets auto parts sellers build any type of product kit or bundle across different brands and product types. A world first, the Kitting and Bundling service uses the database grunt behind PARts Online and Console to build anything from simple product pairs like rotors or shocks to full service kits. Want to offer a service kit including an oil filter, oil and...

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eBay Promoted Listings: Get your Auto PARts Noticed

PARtsDB partners who also sell car motor parts on eBay can make their listing more visible by availing of eBay’s Promoted Listings advertising service. This works by having your listings show up prominently not only in eBay searches but in other parts of eBay as well. Here are some of the car motor parts and accessories categories that can avail of eBay’s Promoted Listings: Category Sub Category Sub Category Parts & Accessories Car Electronics All Parts & Accessories Car...

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