Motorcycles Now a Part of TecDoc Reference Data

TecDoc, a long-time PARts partner is looking towards the addition of motorcycles to its database of vehicle references, beginning with Version 4/2014 of the TecDoc catalogue—the catalogue serves as an index for identifying parts and vehicles. Furthermore, the proven TecDoc structures will now feature standardised information content on product data for job safety, DIN and standardised parts, workshop requirements, tools, and workshop equipment. Availability Beginning May 2014, the TecDoc reference database will see the addition of approximately 4,000 motorcycles, which...

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Information on Tyre Pressure Sensors Now Available on TecRMI

Despite the passing of a law (ECE Directive R64) that calls on the implementation of a tyre-pressure monitoring system to check newly registered vehicles all over the European continent by the 1st of November this year, TecRMI, a long time partner of  PARTs and a global leader in providing and collecting repair and maintenance information under the organisational umbrella of TecAlliance GmbH, is already pushing through with the expansion of its technical repair instructions. TecRMI’s database will now include tyre...

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Auto Parts Aftermarket Online, e-Commerce and all that PART 1: What’s it all about and why should I care?

The following is a reprint from April 2014 issue of Australian Undercar Review magazine PART 1: What’s it all about and why should I care? In 1997 the Australian new vehicle market was around 650,000 units and of that, Falcon and Commodore platforms accounted for over 200,000 or 30% of the total new cars sold. Jump to 2013 and the number of new cars sold was over 1.13 million and of that, less than 70,000 were Commodore or Falcon based. Meanwhile, the AAAA reports as...

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Auto Parts Aftermarket Online, e-Commerce and all that PART 2: What are my options?

Part 1 of this article appeared in the April 2014 issue of Undercar Review. In part 2 we follow on with this topic and look at the “how” and “what” side assuming we now have an answer to “why should I care”. That is,assuming online and e-commerce is important to me, what are my options and how can I deploy them? So assuming that we’re talking about solutions and strategies using open solutions and standards, the following are some typical...

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Designing for Multiple Devices with an Information-Processing Approach

Claude Shannon, a name not known to most people, was responsible for introducing some decades ago, the concept of information theory, which not only revolutionised concepts in signal processing, but also having sweeping affects across other disciplines, ranging from artificial intelligence, computer science, and even cognitive psychology. One idea stemming from information theory revolved around how communication systems consist of modules linked through limited-capacity communication channels. In information theory, the communication system is the most basic concept, consisting of the...

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PARts Chassis Groups

PARts CG’s (Chassis Groups) allow product managers and marketers to have the best of both worlds – accurate and efficient granular product linking while also allowing for faster and simpler lookup for customers and users via web sites or printed catalogues. Get more details about this powerful feature in PARts here.

PARts Import/Export Function

PARts believe that your data should be available for you to use and extract as easily as possible. The PARts Import/Export Function is a quick and easy way for product managers and sellers to output and manage their data in PARts.  And the reports vary according to the type of user with different options for data Suppliers (brands) and data Users (Sellers). Get more ideas for this important area of PARts Console.