PARts supports vehicle tables and data through out Asia and beyond

Did you know that the most popular car in Indonesia is a Toyota Avanza with over 2.0 million on the road right now? India has over 39.0 millions vehicles but only 45 brands but what is the number 1 brand and how many are there? Did you know that there are over 13.0 million vehicles on the road in Malaysia across 94 brands? Meanwhile, the Isuzu D-Max is the number 1 vehicle in Thailand with 10.5% share of the parc,...

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TecDoc Australian Vehicle Dashboard – September 2019

Australia Vehicle Data Report TecAlliance is now regularly publishing a TecDoc Vehicle Data Report “Dashboard” snap shot for all major vehicle markets. We are pleased to offer a copy of the September 2019 Australian version to help our customers and industry better understand the current vehicle parc and related opportunities. Some highlights from the report Total passenger and light commercial vehicles in operation now number 19.2 million Toyota is the most popular make with 3.7 million vehicles on the road...

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TecDoc Data Distribution Info Mail | September 2019

TecDoc now regularly publishes updates to data requirements within the standard to help improve the quality of product and catalogue data within the system. These “Quality initiative” notices are often provided within their Info Mail updates. As a licensed TecAlliance and TecDoc solution provider, PARts would like our customers to be aware of new changes and initiatives that might affect their product. Below is an extract from a recent Info Mail. Quality initiative – standardization of “brake disc” – Sept...

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