The PARts Academy is now open – a regular webinar series for auto data professionals

Introducing the PARts Academy, an exclusive service for PARts customers to help auto data professionals improve their data flow. PARts DB are passionate about automotive parts data, the aftermarket and data standards.   To help auto data professionals we have opened the PARts Academy to provide training to product managers, content specialists and anyone tasked with managing, storing and publishing better auto parts data. Our plan is to offer a regular series of webinars hosted by our PARts subject matter specialists...

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Business Intelligence Service in PARts

Introducing PARts BI (Business Intelligence) Service Do you want to know where the competitive “herd” is for your product category? Do you want to know which specific VID’s or vehicle are the most popular within each vehicle Make? PARts now provides the answer with its new PARts BI service starting with BI Lite for Suppliers Starting now, PARts Supplier subscribers and customers can automatically receive this service via the PARts Console interface as part of their subscription, free. These insights...

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New Import/Export Function in PARts Console

PARts believes that your data should be available to access and move around at any time. That’s why PARts Console has an extensive array of import and export tools available for Sellers and Suppliers. To make this even easier we have deployed a new and revised Import/Export module to PARts Console. Major difference in this new release is that all import/export functions are now being created as a task. The user doesn’t have to keep the browser on that page...

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Suppliers use PARts to manage Australian and export web sites and markets

PARts is a powerful integrated automotive parts e-cosystem which has a huge variety of features that benefit our supplier and seller customers. In other words, PARts is much more than a supplier and seller auto parts data management tool. Nowhere is this more obvious than with suppliers web sites with PARts seamlessly powering both your Australian and export web sites in the USA to show different vehicle and products for each market. One database – many markets, many web sites and solutions...

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PARts Images – how we store and manage them in PARts DB Console

There are two types of images with different sizes required in PARts for each of the product image, one is 200 x 200px and the other is a nominal 1600px (longest side) which are all deliberately designed for e-Commerce use and comply with current standards like eBay etc. Basically, the 200px will be used as thumbnail for search result pages in PARts and other tools. For customers that want smaller versions than that, they can either resize dynamically or store their...

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PARts Chassis Groups

PARts CG’s (Chassis Groups) allow product managers and marketers to have the best of both worlds – accurate and efficient granular product linking while also allowing for faster and simpler lookup for customers and users via web sites or printed catalogues. Get more details about this powerful feature in PARts here.

PARts Import/Export Function

PARts believe that your data should be available for you to use and extract as easily as possible. The PARts Import/Export Function is a quick and easy way for product managers and sellers to output and manage their data in PARts.  And the reports vary according to the type of user with different options for data Suppliers (brands) and data Users (Sellers). Get more ideas for this important area of PARts Console.