The PARts e-cosystem is supported by key industry partners and standards allowing for highly mobile and scalable data interchange and sharing. In plain English this means you can send and link your data when and where you need it, as you need it both locally and globally.

TecDoc is the world’s largest automotive product and fitment data aggregator and is owned by the parts suppliers themselves. It was formed in 1998 to create a uniform vehicle and product description standard to allow over 500 suppliers to broadcast and share their product data with their customers. TecDoc Australia through PARts is helping the Australian parts aftermarket to lower the cost of data creation and aggregation by promoting the standard and data feeds from participating suppliers. Through PARts, Australian suppliers and brands can now connect to the same standard and provide their product data to their customer using a global, unified standard. You can read more about TecDoc here.

PARts uses TecDoc vehicle KType numbers to help link Australian suppliers parts to a standard vehicle and product system. eBay has selected TecDoc as the standard they too would use to power their motor vehicle list or MVL. Bottom line? eBay sellers can use part and fitment data from PARts and TecDoc to list more products on eBay linked to MVL cheaper and faster than ever before. eBay’s Parts Compatibility using MVL allows sellers to show all vehicles that are compatible with a part or part number in a single listing, saving time, money, and allowing for easier and more accurate search for the buyer, while producing fewer queries and returns. Click here to view eBay’s Fitment page.

Autodata Australia Limited is a leading publisher and supplier of technical information for automotive professionals, through printed and electronic media. Autodata has developed long-standing relationships with vehicle manufacturers. This coupled with over 40 years industry experience, we are able to provide comprehensive and accurate information to the professional workshop technician to service, repair and diagnose work, as specified by the manufacturer. Autodata is linked to TecDoc and PARts allowing for connection to a huge range of service and repair data including technical information, repair times, service intervals and diagnositcs. Click here to read more about Auotdata.

Fusion Factory offers a new approach to data integration and EDI that reduces the time, cost and risk of traditional bespoke integration. Today Fusion Factory delivers data integration and EDI solutions for over 150 companies. Fusion Factory’s CommerceConnect product is a multi-market e-commerce or e-tailing engine allowing for quick and easy listing or market place control for eBay, Amazon and Magento to name a few.
Fusion Factory are experts at PARts and vehicle fitment integration. You can read more about Fusion Factory here