Enform reports 25% plus growth for auto parts sales on Ebay


Enform Ebay Auto Parts Sales Index
















Our integration partner Enform Networks has just posted a blog reporting on the latest data from its new Ebay Australia auto parts sales index showing over 25% growth compared with 2014. Compared with industry projections of 10-12% growth pa for online and e-commerce sales overall this shows the importance of this market place for Australian parts and accessories retailers.

Enform claim that Ebay category sales of “Auto Parts and Accessories” will exceed $600 million for 2015 calendar year making ┬áthis channel the engine room of growth for this important segment of auto parts and accessories sales in Australia and worldwide.

The report quotes the various metrics used to compile this index and some of the key results include;

  • Marked seasonal variations in TTV (total transactional value) throughout the year
  • Significant product category growth in filters at 74%, towbars at 43% and tyres at 93%
  • Over 50% of measured sellers grew by over 30% and well above the average
  • Brands and brand names grow faster than product types when measured by listing title

A significant proportion of the better performing sellers are using the Ebay Vehicle Compatibility table powered by TecDoc with careful use of criteria and fitment data rewarding those that have invested in data systems and standards.

By no means does this suggest that the auto parts e-tailing sector is growing by this amount but it does point to where the eye-balls and spending dollars are going and the nature of the opportunity.

You can read the entire Enform Auto Parts Sales Index report here and suggest you contact PARts or its integration partners for more information on what’s possible.