Create your own 99xx vehicles exclusive to your brand



The latest PARts Console update now also allows user creation of custom or 99’s prefix vehicles for brands or suppliers own use directly via Console.

PARts DB will sometimes create specific vehicle ID’s for non-standard vehicles. They are not part of a standard like ACES/PIES, TecDoc or RBC but are sometimes created as a place holder until the standards catch up at which time they will be converted to a KType or standards based VID.

NOTE: The following measures need to be taken into consideration when creating a 99xx Vehicle:

  • 99xx’s are not standards based vehicles and would not be picked up or visible to all customers or channels like Amazon, eBay or Repco that use standards.
  • 99xx’s vehicles are specific to a task and if created by a customer, only specific to that customers brands etc.
  • Only Admin user on your account has access to create 99xx vehicles
  • Only brand suppliers can create a 99xx vehicles
  • In order to create a “standards based” vehicle you must have a subscription to that standard. For example, to use TecDoc standards tables you must have a current TecDoc VML license

Options for creating new vehicles include:

  • New Model: Creating a vehicle model listing which is not a make or chassis code already specified in TecDoc VML for example
  • New Vehicle: using TecDoc chassis code to create a new vehicle listing under a model

To access the following feature simply go to Console → Data → Fitment → Select Brand Name and Make → Under vehicle tab right click on the model to access the menu.



Vehicle country MUST be selected. If the vehicle flag is left excluded it will not show up in the respective Country VML.

Vehicle brand restriction controls the brands that the created vehicle will appear exclusive to.

Registered users can refer to the PARts DB Knowledge Base Solutions via help for more details.