eBay and PARts DB work together to improve auto parts data


eBay Australia is continuing their push to further improve the buyer and seller experience within auto parts with better cataloguing.

PARts DB and TecDoc will be powering an auto parts catalogue which includes product fitment. These changes are due late 2017 and are good news for parts sellers and automotive brands. At a listings level changes include rich item specifics and fitment links. Data is directly supplied by local agents and manufactures via PARts and TecDoc, validated and auto populated into eBay listings. This will make listing a spare part faster, easier and more efficient for sellers.

These enhancements coincide with buyer experience improvements to include better item level filtering, more accurate delivery of relevant items to buyers, better brand level experiences and improvements to SEO.

For more details contact PARts DB to make sure your business is ready to make the most of this opportunity to sell more auto parts.

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