Information on Tyre Pressure Sensors Now Available on TecRMI

Information On Typre Pressure

Despite the passing of a law (ECE Directive R64) that calls on the implementation of a tyre-pressure monitoring system to check newly registered vehicles all over the European continent by the 1st of November this year, TecRMI, a long time partner of  PARTs and a global leader in providing and collecting repair and maintenance information under the organisational umbrella of TecAlliance GmbH, is already pushing through with the expansion of its technical repair instructions. TecRMI’s database will now include tyre pressure sensor information, sourced from active tyre-pressure monitoring systems. Although passive tyre-pressure monitoring systems still work even without having pressure sensors installed in the wheels, and require little to practically no maintenance, changing tyres along with the pressure sensors that feed information to pressure monitoring systems requires a certain level of precision. Essentially, it’s imperative that both passive and active tyre-pressure monitoring systems have to be reactivated after maintenance work on the wheels.

Importance of Data for Tyre-pressure Monitoring Systems

According to TecRMI Vice President of Information Management, Ralf Pelkmann, it’s crucial that workshops have access to the proper repair and maintenance instructions for tyre-pressure monitoring systems, especially in the peak season for tyre maintenance work and replacements. He adds that failure to provide adequate information obviously can lead to errors in already hectic installation. Pelkmann explains that during installation of wheels, technicians must be very careful with their work, as defective sensors can set them back by about 100 euros for each device. To eliminate the occurrence of such mistakes, users of the TecRMI portal can tap into the updated database, which now has several bits of information on the installation and removal of tyre pressure sensors, and instructions on safe and proper tyre changes for over 8,600 vehicle models. Pelkmann notes that the database essentially includes all vehicles existing in the European market and their respective tyre-pressure monitoring systems.

Right in Time for Tyre Changing Season

The TecRMI update means that workshops now have access to a database technical data, which comes right in time for the upcoming main season of changes from winter to summer tyres. It’s worth pointing out that the previous database, the AuDaConAIS database, already included a decent amount of information on the activation of tyre-pressure monitoring systems of more than 4,000 vehicle models since early 2010, because since November of 2012, new vehicle models approved in the European market have been required to feature their own tyre-pressure monitoring system.

A Closer Look at TecDoc

TecRMI, formerly known as AuDaCon AG, is one of the European market’s leading developers and providers of costing and technical information in the automotive industry. The company’s product portfolio covers a wide range of technical areas, from online and offline workshop information systems, to costing tools for wear and maintenance, to supplying tyre data approved by manufacturers. TecRMI’s main draw is its ability to provide capable system solutions for the vehicle and aftermarket industry, vehicle fleet owners and service establishments, concept generators, and even the insurance industry as well as businesses that offer credit and leasing services. One particular competency of TecRMI worth mentioning is providing the aftermarket sector with verified technical data and information on repair and maintenance. The company’s products and services are available in 19 European markets and come in 16 different languages. TecRMI only works with technical data and information sourced from the vehicle and aftermarket industry, supplying passenger car and light commercial vehicle sectors, as well as heavy commercial vehicles.

Since July 2013, AuDaCon has changed its name to TecRMI, a move that unifies it with partners TecDoc and TecCom, all belonging under the TecAlliance GmbH umbrella.