Introducing PARts VIN Decoder service plus rego


PARts are pleased to announce the availability of the VIN Decoder with rego lookup service. The beta release is now available via PARts Console, PARts B2 or delivered as an API service to you or your web site, you can now narrow down a vehicle ID and see related fitment and parts using this useful reference number.

Thanks to our partners Datamotive and TecAlliance, we are able to provide varying degrees of results and service options that also include the emerging registration lookup data service that resolves to a VID or VIN helping to narrow down search options. And, as a decoder service, we offer a mixture of actual live and interpreted data using the best resources available coupled with a stock vehicle image library.

PARts VIN Rego Overview_1607_02



The registration lookup is provided as an additional service that is being expanded to cover more vehicles and with higher results resolution over time using a mixture of live and interpreted data.

The key features and highlights overall

  • PARts VIN Decoder can be used in Console, as a service in PARts B2 or delivered as an API based lookup for your own web sites or internal system.
  • PARts customers using TecDoc K-Type VID’s will be able to resolve to a K-Type, Datamotive RBC (RedBook Code) licensed users will be able to resolve to RBC where available.
  • Our aim is to ALWAYS provide some user feedback with some sort of result or direction at least
  • Basic user input error checking and validation to minimise false or incorrect results
  • Suggested results that could include multiple possible matches with standard PARts vehicle images where available
  • Result will deliver key vehicle data to “Series” VID level even if multiple or with options for further user filtering


PARts Console rego

Ultimately we also hope to develop a “Widget” that can be embedded on to any site by developers for easier deployment and that would include PARts standard vehicle images delivered as part of VIN Decoder service for TecDoc K-Type.

PARts VIN Decoder is a license based service that will require a separate license agreement. Pricing is based on a per-call model with various volume price breaks available. Charges are per successful call only and reporting is available for audit checks.

Have a read of the full VIN Decoder plus Rego lookup service story.