New PARts B2 Version 2 – Your Own B2E e-Commerce Solution

The latest version 2 release of PARts B2 means B2E or business-to-everyone.

Our new B2E engine means you can open your online shop to the world and retail while still supporting trade and wholesale customers with their own log-in and special pricing. Why turn away enquiry’s?

Direct linked to the PARts DB supplier database with over 600 possible suppliers and brands, deployable within 48 hours as your own e-commerce solution for auto parts and accessories sellers, suppliers, workshops and retailers. 




PARts B2 now has the following features.

  • Cloud based solution using your own sub-domain, example, linked from your web site as your own trade, reseller, retail or all round B2E online web store
  • Be visible on the web and allow search engines to index your site and products for retail while keeping pricing and inventory data closed to your registered users.
  • Unique PARts QuickSeach fuzzy technology allows user to search for anything, drop-downs are now optional
  • Find part numbers by brand, compare products and run reverse lookups to see what a product fits
  • Advanced filter functions for position, brand and product category’s
  • Build and use your own custom product categories while still supporting TecDoc standard descriptions
  • Compare products, search by OE or other trade numbers  
  • Lets your customers prepare quotes and orders using  “PARts Jobs” or one-click ordering using our order cart  
  • Supports VIN lookup using “real time” industry supported data
  • Supports service schedule, repair time and service products data from Autodata
  • Extensive payment, discount price and integration options – read about the extended features here.
  • Mobile responsive for tablets

Go to the PARts B2 page to learn more and ask us about a PARts B2 demo today