PARts DB Online and Console v6.0.0.9 update release summary


Here is a list of BAU (business as usual) PARts DB Online and Console updates for v6.0.0.9 including PARts Fit

Details of these updates have been available via the Alert feature on PARts Console and Online but here is a published summary.

Update v6.0.0.9 released 2017.11.15

New features

  • PARts Fit Service deployed, more information on this service and how you get access to it here via PARts Fit page.
  • It is now possible to do mass edits of fitment records in Products – Fitment Details tab
  • You can now delete a vehicle you created and own
  • When changing a product number, you will be prompted to change the CED SKUs if you have any linked to that product. For more on PARts CED

Bugs squashed

  • Video links are now showing on the product page in PARts Online.
  • Number of other minor bugs