PARts DB and Console v6.0.0.6-7-8 update release summary


Here is a list of BAU (business as usual) PARts DB and Console updates for v6.0.0.6 to v6.0.0.8 since July 2017

Details of these updates have been available via the Alert feature on PARts Console and Online but here is a published summary.

Update v6.0.0.6 released 2017.09.11

New features added, many in response to user feedback

  • Supplier or brand admin users can now create their own 99 vehicles for the brands they own/supply. A vehicle can be linked to more than one brand. Click here to learn more about the new custom 99 vehicle feature or refer to the PARts KB (Knowledge base)
  • Added the ability for suppliers and brands to create Parent Products within a brand. These can be used as a core or base product to replicate or clone copies. Click here to learn more about the new Parent Product feature or refer to the PARts KB.
  • Added the ability for brands to have a sales name.
  • PARts Online lookup product pages now show all fields available in Console for reference
  • Added pagination to the display grids in Product and Fitment details in order to improve the load performance of these pages.
  • When adding a product to vehicle, the user can now select products from more than one Standard Description without closing the add dialog box

Bugs fixed

  • Resolved memory issues where Console didn’t release memory used causing the browser to slow down with time

Update v6.0.0.7 released 2017.10.03

New features added, many in response to user feedback

  • Supplier or brand users can now select multiple countries at the same time for displaying vehicles for both product and fitment side.
  • Added the ability to edit existing product or part numbers

Bugs fixed, reported and otherwise

  • Connection time-out issue fixed for “Company Enhanced Data” tab in product side
  • Product deletion issues fixed
  • Fixed issues regarding new vehicles additions
  • For vehicle creation, user can either include or exclude selected countries, but not both
  • When hovering over applications in product search results in PARts Online, the mouse pointer has been changed to indicate to the user that they can view the fitment info by clicking
  • Save button error fixed for fitment details
  • Font size changed for user options (above “Feedback” button)

Update v6.0.0.8 released 2017.10.24

We’re always working to improve your experience in PARtsDB platform through new features and improvements across the product.

Many improvements are made based on your feedback, so feel free to share any feedback you have with us, good or bad!

Here is what’s new in the latest update v6.0.0.8:

New features

  • Parent Product feature now allows for child products to have different Standard Description than the parent.
  • CED Category now has its own Description field


  • Fixed the performance issue when changing or editing the product number
  • Minor under-the-hood improvements