Online Product Database and e-Commerce Solution


  • Custom designed vehicle to product application database and product knowledge repository
  • Develop a sophisticated online e-Commerce solution for both B2B and B2C
  • Project manage development and deployment

MRT Performance is an Australian service and distribution company specialising in motor vehicle parts and services for Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi including dyno tuning, suspension, sway bars,power, handling and brakes. It provides general servicing as well as performance upgrades with factory warranty guarantee along with a lifetime warranty on parts.


With over 20 years in the auto industry MRT Performance had developed an enviable reputation for but it had fallen behind its ompetitors who were engaging their customers online both locally and internationally with online ordering and e-commerce solutions. With lots of experience, industry knowledge and a strong online presence MRT also wanted to find a way to share their knowledge with customers and other stakeholders without giving their secrets away to their competitors.


Enform designed and built a custom e-commerce solution to allow MRT to engage with retail and trade customers online. The solution included an enhanced part – vehicle application catalogue database that can support over 100,000’s of products and vehicle application relationships.

Enform redesigned the website making it easier to navigate and allow MRT to capture visitor information that could be leveraged in a range of sales and marketing activities such as special offers. It also tapped in to the company’s core IP, its product knowledge gives its customers access to MRT’s experience and knowledge base.

The B2C solution included a sophisticated B2B engine that integrated with MRT’s ERP system to allow for maximum integration of its corporate information. This also enabled faster fulfilment and ultimately led to vastly improved customer service levels.

MRT selected Enform for its unique blend of auto industry and digital expertise. MD Jim Gurieff has over 25 years in the automotive aftermarket game and is a pioneer of online ecommerce in this

sector. In the past Jim had built similar application databases and had extensive experience in developing and launching brands globally.


Since going live MRT has significantly expanded its retail sales and has some 190 000+ products available online. The online catalogue is easy to administer and has reduced both admin time and error rates to a minimum compared to traditional catalogues. It has also standardised information within the company ensuring that all sales and customer service staff offer all the products and services available.

The online store has gone from zero to being a strong performer in a short period time.

Enform is among the leaders in this sector. I don’t know of anyone else who could have designed and built what they did.


Brett Middleton, MD and founder, MRT Performance

Online Product Database and e-Commerce Solution