eBay Promoted Listings: Get your Auto PARts Noticed

ebay_promoted listings


PARtsDB partners who also sell car motor parts on eBay can make their listing more visible by availing of eBay’s Promoted Listings advertising service. This works by having your listings show up prominently not only in eBay searches but in other parts of eBay as well.

Here are some of the car motor parts and accessories categories that can avail of eBay’s Promoted Listings:

Category Sub Category Sub Category
Parts & Accessories Car Electronics All
Parts & Accessories Car & Truck Parts Accessories
Parts & Accessories Car & Truck Parts Decals/Emblems/License Frames
Parts & Accessories Car & Truck Parts Electric Vehicle Parts
Parts & Accessories Car & Truck Parts Wheels, Tires & Parts
Parts & Accessories Manuals & Literature All
Parts & Accessories Motorcycle Parts Decals, Emblems
Parts & Accessories Performance & Racing Parts All
Parts & Accessories RV, Trailer & Camper Parts All
Parts & Accessories Salvage Parts Cars All
Parts & Accessories Services & Installation All
Parts & Accessories Snowmobile Parts Decals & Stickers
Parts & Accessories Vintage Car & Truck Parts Accessories
Parts & Accessories Vintage Car & Truck Parts Decals, Emblems, Detailing
Parts & Accessories Vintage Car & Truck Parts Wheels, Tires, & Hub Caps


As pointed out in a post by our marketing partner, Enform, eBay’s Promoted Listings is a risk-free way of advertising because you only pay if your ad results in an item sold. You get to choose how much to pay eBay: from 1% to 20% of the sale price. The higher your bid (aka “ad rate”), the more prominent eBay will make your listings on eBay searches and elsewhere on eBay.

As long as you balance the selling price and ad rate of your listings, having them promoted can both increase sales and make your business more profitable. This is going to be tricky because buyers on eBay look for the least expensive parts while promoting auto parts listings can jack up the price. Or promoted listings could lower the profits if the current listing prices are not marked up. Auto parts items that are already very cheap could also take a significant sales dip if marked up. Will an increased number of items being sold make up for the added expense? As Enform said, “your mileage may vary” with eBay’s Promoted Listings and would require a period of testing. Which items can benefit from added exposure? Are these your best-selling items or the ones that don’t often move on the shelves? Test a few listings first.

Then there’s the question of ad ranking. Since eBay’s Promoted Listings is attractive, there is bound to be a lot of eBay subscribers who would be testing the service. There would, therefore, be many ads competing for prominent positions on eBay searches and pages. Would the listings with bigger ad rates edge out those who bid just one percent of their sales as Promoted Listings payment? Which, from similar competing listings, all with 20% ad rates, get to be shown prominently? The one with the highest selling price?

eBay hasn’t yet explained how they’re going to vet which promoted listings, among similar ones from different eBay subscribers, get to be more prominent. Unlike Google’s AdWords, where ads with lower bids but with higher “quality score”, get to be more prominent than ones with higher bids, eBay has not yet disclosed the presence of a similar leveling mechanism with Promoted Listings. This is an issue to watch out for. Having good data powering your listings will be important to ensure that your items are relevant to the buyers search and this is where the power of PARts can assist.

So test Promoted Listings on items having different price categories. Depending on your product line, you might just hit a sweet spot. Just remember that Promoted Listings is just one of the ways you can make your auto parts viewed by more people. If it doesn’t work for you, there are other ways of catching attention. You can, for example, post pictures of your auto parts products on Pinterest and have these on Facebook pages shared to online motor parts enthusiast communities.

Its important to remember that eBay supports and rewards listings with vehicle fitment lookup information based on the MVL and vehicle tables like TecDoc. eBay Motors and auto parts market place in Australia, Europe and UK are based on TecDoc vehicle information as is Amazon in Europe.

PARts Australia can help parts sellers maximise their visibility and sales reach using eBay MVL. Read more about PARts Seller services here.