Parent Product allows child product links to mass manipulate product and fitment data

The Parent Product feature in PARts Console will create a link that will allow a brand or supplier user to manipulate related child products en masse.

For example, if a user wants to a change product and fitment data link that contains the same listings, the user is able to link the parent to the child products and implement changes across all linked child products.

Lets assume a brake rotor company has a master parent part number of ABC123;

  • Create or make ABC123 the Parent Product with all the common fitment or other attributes you need.
  • Set it to non-Released so it does not get published.
  • Then create ABC123-1, ABC123-GT or ABC123-XXX as children that will then have all the common properties of the parent.
  • Release these to the market and your customers.
  • Tweak the attributes for the children but maintain the core attributes via the Parent product, ABC123

NOTE: Any product or fitment data which is added, deleted or replaced with the linked parent product will reflect and be implemented in the child products except for UPC or barcode.

Parent Product feature also allows for child products to have different Standard Description than the parent.

When first creating the link between the parent product to the child product all Product and Fitment data will be overwritten.

This very powerful feature will save product managers a lot of time when creating and maintaining new and existing products. Ask the PARts team for an online tutorial or demo of PARts Console Parent Product feature.

Or, registered users can refer to the PARts DB Knowledge Base Solutions via help for more details.