PARts DB Online v6.2.8.9 update release summary

Here is a list of new features and BAU (business as usual) PARts DB Online updates for v6.2.8.9, dated 1st September 2020

Details of these updates are available via the Alert feature on PARts DB Console but here is a summary.

New features:

  • Added the ability to bulk upload CED data via the Import/Export tab of PARts Console. This addition saves significant time and effort when CED data needs to be added for large numbers of products. Simply navigate to the Import/Export tab within PARts Console and choose ‘Company Enhanced Data’ from the list. A full tutorial on completing this process is available in the knowledge base.
  • Added the TecDoc Motorcycle vehicle standards service. In the same way that you are currently receiving Passenger and/or Heavy Duty vehicle data, you can now receive Motorcycle data!


  • Introduced the ability to update product data via the API. No longer are users limited to data updates via Excel, but now can use JSON for sleeker integration with websites or other systems.
  • Tweaks to improve the bulk product upload via PARts Console.
  • Improved VIN/Rego reporting.

Bugs Squashed:

  • Fixed case sensitivity issue in rich content bulk upload.
  • Fixed engine codes not displaying correctly for non-Australian Ktypes.


We are always working to improve your experience in the PARts DB platform through new features and improvements across the product. Many improvements are made based on your feedback, so feel free to share your experience with us, good or bad! Stand by for a further update and release in the next few weeks including:

  • Heavy Duty Axle Table for improved management of Heavy Duty vehicles.
  • Heavy Duty Engine Table for improved management of Heavy Duty vehicles.