Upload and Update Products via the PARts API

We maintain an API that lets users perform many features available in PARts Console programmatically. This allows for better integration with external systems and provides more ways to manipulate your data.

In summary, PARts customers can now both upload and update product data in PARts from an external source like your ERP or point-of-sale system creating a main “system of record” synchronisation solution linking your back office and PARts DB as your product management solution.

So what’s new here?

We recently added three new requests that allow users to upload, update and delete product data:

  • Upload Products. This function lets you upload one or more new products to the DB. It acts like the similarly named function in the Import/Export tab of PARts Console.
  • Update Single Product. With this function you can update one or many information fields for a single product.
  • Delete Product. This request will remove a chosen product from the DB.

The API is supported by extensive documentation, that provides technical details and examples on how to perform a given function. Access it here:

To learn more about these features and how PARts can benefit you, contact the PARts team.