TecDoc Data Distribution Info Mail | September 2019

TecDoc now regularly publishes updates to data requirements within the standard to help improve the quality of product and catalogue data within the system. These “Quality initiative” notices are often provided within their Info Mail updates.

As a licensed TecAlliance and TecDoc solution provider, PARts would like our customers to be aware of new changes and initiatives that might affect their product. Below is an extract from a recent Info Mail.

Quality initiative – standardization of “brake disc” – Sept 2019

The main objective of the quality initiative is to get more reliability with regard to the criteria used on the article and on the linkages.
To this end, we will – starting with a pilot generic article – define characteristics for each product group that must be specified for each product. We will allow further criteria as an option. The use of the remaining criteria will then no longer be possible.
It goes without saying that we will seek the advice of experts when we lay down these rules and, above all, we will take your suggestions into account wherever possible.

We hereby define the following rules and regulations for the generic article “Brake disc” (No. 82):

Mandatory criteria (Criteria Number):

Fitting Position (100) – Article or Linkage
Brake Disc Type (232) – Article
Rim Hole Number (72) – Article
Outside Diameter [mm] (497) – Article
Centering Diameter [mm] (501) – Article
Brake Disc Thickness [mm] (274) – Article
Bolt Hole Circle Diameter [mm] (560) – Article
Brake Disc Hub Height (3736) – Article

Other expected/possible criteria:

Surface (599) – Article
Colour (436) – Article
Material (468) – Article
Height (209) – Article

(*) This criterion is currently not part of the TecDoc criteria and will be added if necessary.

A further list of optional linkage criteria can be found on the next page.

All other criteria will no longer be used to describe brake discs in the future.
A brief description of how the criteria can be used is provided below. This is to ensure that identical criteria also have identical information content.

All data suppliers who provide “brake discs” in their data will receive an individual list of the used criteria with a separate mail from us these days. This is to support necessary adjustment of the contents.

You miss a criterion or find one needless?
Please contact us. Please give us the number of the criterion with a description of the application that requires this criterion for the TecDoc catalogue data. Thank you in advance for your support.

Profile of the Generic Article “Brake Disc”


Further roadmap

Step 1:
We look forward to your feedback and, after consultation, will make any necessary additions – especially to the optional criteria.

Step 2:
All suppliers who publish the GA “Brake disc” receive an overview of the criteria used from us. We provide this overview on a regular basis if required.

Step 3:
You start – if necessary – with the adjustment of your product data.

Step 4:
A warning may be issued in DMM/PMD that indicates missing mandatory criteria and criteria outside the set of rules.

Step 5:
At the earliest six months after this announcement, the distribution of brake disc data outside this rule will be stopped.

Step 6:
This standardization will be carried out for other product groups (GA). We will start with this immediately and parallel to the above steps and will inform you within the scope of the regular mails.

The next generic articles that are due for standardization:

·  Brake Pad Set, disc brake (402)

·  Air Filter (8)

·  Oil Filter (7)

·  Fuel filter (9)

·  Filter, interior air (424)

These measures serve to increase the acceptance of your data by retailers and other users. There is a need for action and we thank you today for your cooperation.