How to create PARts Chassis Groups and add Products to them

PARts CG’s (Chassis Groups) allow product managers and marketers to have the best of both worlds – accurate and efficient granular product linking while also allowing for faster and simpler lookup for customers and users via web sites or printed catalogues.

You can read more about PARts Chassis Groups overall here while the following should help understand more about this feature in PARts Console and how suppliers can use it to improve their data.

As an example here, we are creating a new Chassis Group(CG) called “Forester 2015” which only has one PARts vehicle(the vehicle is 7959) “FORESTER 2.5 AWD 01/09-on” under it, and we will also add all the products which have “Bush, steering control arm” as their Standard Description’s for the brand “Demo”.


1. Add new Chassis Group as the very first step:



2. Input the CG Name as “FORESTER 2015” and click save (refer below).



3. Save the fitment as below:


Now the product A1-DM-TEST has linked to the vehicle 7957 using a new CG named “FORESTER 2015”.


4. Add more products to the new CG




5. Add all the products which has “Bush, steering control arm” as their SD’s(refer below), click Save Product Fitments to save.



And that’s it, now let’s review the products we just add for the new Chassis Group “FORESTER 2015”:



As a summary, the main idea of the process is to create a fitment record with a new CG first, then go to the Fitment tab to add more products with fitments to the new CG.

With PARts Chassis Groups you can have your catalogue view and detailed database at the same time.