Web Development

Auto parts web sites can be complicated. That’s why PARts offers specialised web development services to help manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and other customers build better automotive web sites.

We specialise in auto parts, catalogue lookup, fitment and all the related coding and data needs to help you deliver the best possible e-commerce solution, online product catalogues or other specialised auto parts data solutions including “closed user group” ┬áportals and company sites.’re happy to work with your front-end developers with our back-end and database support using our specialised coders and DB experts. Or we can offer complete turn-key online solutions from start to finish.

Either way, PARts coders and developers specialise in auto parts fitment, product and technical data for the automotive aftermarket. Our services include:

  • Back end development and code linking to PARtsDB product database via database sync or through API web services
  • Connection to clients’ ERP or point of sale systems (accounting software)
  • Specialised or custom e-commerce solutions for B2B, B2C or B2E
  • Proprietary PARts Search Engine solution for true “fuzzy” search
  • VIN and Rego lookup integration
  • Service, repair or other technical data integration
  • SEO pagination, taxonomy and URL deployment for optimum search results
  • Consultation or project management support for optimised on site parts or vehicle look-up and search

Desktop or Mobile Responsive Design with Advanced Lookup


Our partners developed a suite of advanced product fitment and lookup web sites for SuperPro. This included comprehensive chassis group catalogue view with specialised images, product detail including fitment difficulty and extensive rich content links like video and fitting instructions

Our PARts team worked with the developers to help with the data synch direct to PARts DB and with key field mapping for the data. SuperPro now has multiple web sites across multiple geographic regions using one database with many deployments.

PARts Search Engine solution for “fuzzy” search and lookup

DBA_Fuzzy_searchPARts Search Engine solutions allow DBA to have text based searches of products, vehicles, application and part numbers all through one search box.

Fitment drop-down lookup is preserved but thanks to native data delivery and storage your customers can let users choose what works best for them using their data.

Consultation or project management support for optimised on-site parts or vehicle look-up and search

Sparesbox_1Sparesbox asked PARts for help with its retail web store based on their experience with auto parts and fitment data. With over 200,000 parts available online delivered by the PARts DB system it was important to get the specialist advice on how to present the product data and manage the user experience.