PARts DB Online and Console v6.1.0.0 update release summary



Here is a list of new features and BAU (business as usual) PARts DB Online and Console updates for v6.1.0.0 dated 17th May 2018 (including v6.0.0.13 dated 10th April 2018)

Details of these updates have been available via the Alert feature on PARts Console and Online but here is a published summary.

We are always working to improve your experience in PARtsDB platform through new features and improvements across the product.

Many improvements are made based on your feedback, so feel free to share your experience with us, good or bad!

Stand by for a major update and release in the next few weeks including;

  • Bulk product image upload functionality
  • Subscriptions management – ability to see and manage who has access to your data and how
  • Try before you buy – test accounts for VIN and Rego Decoder service
  • Back-end revamp of Explorer to improve performance of search


New features plus changes and updates

  • Criteria autocomplete improvement – if criteria ID matches 100%, it shows up first in the drop down
  • Added TecDoc EAN data to Console and Explorer
  • Changes to version control and release updates
  • Minor bugfixes


New features

  • Added Product Change Logs tab – it allows you to see all changes done to the product, as well as make your own comment against each of those changes
  • Added ability to filter by a specific column in the Fitment Details – Add Vehicle screen. You can now enter VehicleIDs separated by comma in the VID column, and it will filter only VIDs you provided
  • CED Rich Content – we’ve added the ability to store rich content against your CED data
  • Added a button to quickly add “Quantity per Vehicle” value to the attributes to save time in typing it again

Bugs squashed

  • Fixed the issue where “Online Catalogue” type of rich content did not open correctly
  • Admin users can now delete users under their company



Fulcrum Suspensions new website goes live


Fulcrum Suspensions has gone live with its new web site offering a range of suspension and service solutions for 4×4, performance and daily drivers including steering and suspension alignment and service.

Now celebrating over 40 years of innovation, the company was originally founded in 1976 by Graham Scudamore-Smith. Fulcrum has grown from its humble beginnings as a wheel alignment workshop in the Brisbane suburb of Moorooka to a global organisation that offers a diverse range of suspension solutions for almost any vehicle.

Today Fulcrum employs over 100 people across 8 locations including an in-house R&D department, distribution warehouse, and SuperPro production facility. Fulcrum’s presence now extends over 8 Service Centres throughout Queensland and a distribution centre in Preston, Melbourne.

Our head office is Moorooka with branches and retail workshops in Brisbane Qld, Browns Plains Qld, Capalaba Qld, Stafford Qld, Yeerongpilly Qld, Cairns Qld, Townsville Qld, Fraser Coast QLD, Bundaberg QLD, Rockhampton QLD, Ipswich QLD and Gladstone.

The new Fulcrum Suspensions website marks an important further step toward connecting with customers about its diverse and specialised range of products and services.

A 4×4 Suspension Kit selection wizard helps correctly choose the right kit and solution for most 4×4’s using the 40 plus years of knowledge accumulated in this highly specialised sector. The results are the sum of that knowledge, expertise and experience.



The web site features a fully mobile responsive design that works on desktop and mobile devices and is e-commerce enabled.



PARts Australia is proud to be associated with one of the industry leaders using PARts DB and other technologies like PARts CED.



MTQ Engine Systems powering online with PARts B2


‘...with the help of the team at PARts Australia we now have an industry leading internal catalogue and B2B online solution. Every challenge we faced the team came up with a solution



Australia’s largest and best known diesel & turbo aftermarket sales and service provider is powering online using PARts technology.

According to Ian Kennedy, MTQ’s E-Commerce Manager – “Every challenge we faced, the PARts team came up with a solution. I am extremely happy with our current offering and look forward to working with PARts to further enhance our online presence.”

MTQ Engine Systems is now a division of Bapcor Limited and offers a wide range of turbochargers and diesel fuel Injection products and services through a comprehensive national network of 11 dedicated branches plus a further 11 regional distributors .

Over the last 40 years, MTQ has developed a comprehensive range of products comprising of all the leading global and local brands including Sonic, Rapid, DTS, Bosch, Denso, Garrett, BorgWarner, Delphi, Schwitzer, Bully Dog, Holset, IHI and many more.

MTQ also has fully equipped service centres nationwide with highly skilled trades’ people on staff and are quality assured to ISO 9001. All service centres are backed up with a comprehensive range of spare parts. We offer a wide range of specialty products & services for the automotive, mining, marine, rail, earth moving, transport, agriculture and power generation industries.

The breadth and depth of product, catalogue and technical knowledge meant that the company needed to find a powerful, scalable and comprehensive data management solution that could easily integrate into e-commerce and online tools for their staff and dealers while working with global standards.

“The nature of our business meant we had a huge challenge to produce an online catalogue and e-commerce solution. We have many specific requirements unique to our industry and with the help of the team at PARts Australia we now have an industry leading internal catalogue and B2B online solution” says Ian.

PARts DB product catalogue solution provides the data grunt to deliver over 400,000 potential product items from local and global data, linked to TecDoc and MTQ’s own specialised in-house technical data providing the best of both worlds. Using PARts CED, Ian and the product managers could leverage the enormous data detail available through TecDoc while adding a comprehensive and powerful layer of specialised industry detail – detail that crystallises their 40 years of specialised experience.



This formed the backbone of the MTQ online catalogue and data delivery solution with PARts B2 called in as the go-to e-commerce and online portal for their staff and customers alike.

PARts B2 is managed and hosted by PARts so MTQ can focus on data and e-commerce service. This is made possible through a tight integration between B2 and MTQ’s inventory control system allowing visibility of available inventory at multiple branches, exact net pricing per customer and all the expected services provided by a state of the art cloud based system.

However, PARts B2 has a couple more tricks up its sleeve to help MTQ.

PARts Auto Catalogue function has been expanded to work in PARts B2, allowing Ian and the team to robotically build and publish Trade Specials and Flyers tailored with pricing and current deals for any customer, at any time and with the push of a button.



Further enhancements include specialised coupon and incentive systems to help dynamically promote the brand and its products to their customers 24/7.

We look forward to expanding the PARts services and solutions to help MTQ drive value for their business. You can read more about MTQ here.

Details of PARts B2 e-commerce B2A solution are available here.


PARts introduces the power of kitting and bundling for auto parts sellers

PARts Kitting Overview_1

Introducing the most powerful tool in the online auto parts market – PARts Kitting and Bundling.

PARts now lets auto parts sellers build any type of product kit or bundle across different brands and product types. A world first, the Kitting and Bundling service uses the database grunt behind PARts Online and Console to build anything from simple product pairs like rotors or shocks to full service kits.

Want to offer a service kit including an oil filter, oil and a sump plug? No problem.

Look up the car you want to cover then simply drag and drop parts from your subscribed brands on to the Kitting and Bundling box to create a new SKU that’s unique to you, the seller. Its that easy.

Meanwhile, PARts does the fitment mapping heavy lifting in the background and creates a unique catalogue and fitment data set just for that kit. You can enhance it further adding images, changes titles, descriptions and tailoring the data to suit you and your customers.

SEO and keyword optimisation is important for our customers so PARts Kitting and Bundling lets you duplicate and clone kits and bundles tweaking the promoted fitment links, keywords, descriptions and those all important titles to make sure your listings are right in front of your customers.

PARts Kitting Overview_1606_11

PARts Kitting and Bundling is a powerful and unique optional service for parts Sellers to be able to better merchandise, customise and value add supplier product data to better suit their customers. Its part of the PARts CED range of tools that help sellers create a point of difference.

It works with your own fitment data held within PARts or via subscribed data like TecDoc – have the best of both worlds.

You can read more about PARts Kitting and Bundling here or contact us for a demo.


PARts CED – your custom data standard


Introducing the next generation of PARts CED or Company Enhanced Data services.

PARts CED Overview_160621_Page_10c

PARts Company Enhanced Data is a flexible way of grouping or categorising parts and can be used in a surprising amount of ways.

  • Optimised for auto parts Trade and Retail e-commerce
  • Great for web developers and custom e-commerce sites too
  • Lets customers and users have the best of both data worlds
  • CED Categories are the heavy artillery of auto parts data – build your own standard
  • CED is designed for SEO optimisation
  • Includes Kitting and Bundling, the new auto parts super retailing tool that’s exclusive to PARts

PARts created CED to allow parts Sellers and Suppliers to have their auto parts data cake and eat it too. make the data work for you and sell more.

PARts CED is ready for business – you can read more about Company Enhanced Data here


New Import/Export Function in PARts Console

PARts believes that your data should be available to access and move around at any time. That’s why PARts Console has an extensive array of import and export tools available for Sellers and Suppliers.

To make this even easier we have deployed a new and revised Import/Export module to PARts Console.

Major difference in this new release is that all import/export functions are now being created as a task. The user doesn’t have to keep the browser on that page and wait for the file to download(refer below).

We also built a notification system, so if the user leaves the page a notification will pop-up at the top of the browser once the file is ready. For now, user just has to go back to Import/Export page to see if the file is ready but the final deployment will involve an email notification to the user for really big files.



There is also import/export functionality added for CED(Company Enhanced Data) Custom Categories. It allows for importing and exporting CED categories(refer below).

Below is an export for PARts company CED Categories. We made it very user friendly.

First field is CategoryID, followed by levels as they appear in the category tree.

Once the file is exported, user can edit this in excel and add new levels, sub-levels, etc and just import it back in this same format.

CategoryID can be supplied or it can be left empty. If left empty, PARts will fill out the field using automatically generated ID.

CategoryID table