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PARts DB Online v6.2.11.0 update release summary

Here is a list of new features and BAU (business as usual) PARts DB Online updates for v6.2.11.0, dated 12th October 2020 Details of these updates are available via the Alert feature on PARts DB Console, but here is a summary. New features: Fitments within the same brand can now be copied from one vehicle to another. This time saving feature means that if you have multiple vehicles that all share one or more fitments, you no longer have to...

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Send your PARtsDB catalogue data to GPC Repco

GPC Asia Pacific is one of Australia’s largest automotive aftermarkets parts suppliers and they can now work with PARts brands and suppliers using TecDoc data format. GPC Asia Pacific are the supplier behind some of Australia’s largest auto parts sellers including leading brands like NAPA, Repco,┬áSparesbox and AMX for motorcycle parts. PARts customers and brands can already provide TecDoc format data to Sparesbox. PARts Console also offers a ‘Catalogue (per country)’ export report that is available to all brands and...

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New Import/Export Function in PARts Console

PARts believes that your data should be available to access and move around at any time. That’s why PARts Console has an extensive array of import and export tools available for Sellers and Suppliers. To make this even easier we have deployed a new and revised Import/Export module to PARts Console. Major difference in this new release is that all import/export functions are now being created as a task. The user doesn’t have to keep the browser on that page...

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