About PARts

About PARts

Our mission is improving your data flow.

Our core values?

To be Switzerland, always

We don’t own data

What is our purpose?

To provide fitment data management, storage and interpretive technologies to help suppliers and brands

To make a supplier and brands data available where ever their customers are and in whatever format  they need it in.

PARts is an integrated, permission-based product and fitment data and e-commerce solution. Using global standards and an agnostic position that supports any technology standard, industry participant or channel, PARts seeks to deliver data wherever it’s needed to power any digital and online systems for suppliers, manufacturers, brands, sellers and e-commerce channels used by the industry world wide.

The aim is to deliver a brand’s product data wherever their customers are & in whatever format they need it in


Designed by the industry to power all your product data management needs.
  • A complete product and vehicle fitment data management solution using global standards such as TecDoc, ACES, PIES and Redbook
  • A platform that connects, manages, integrates and distributes industry specific technical, service and pricing data to trade and retail customers
  • Cloud-based data storage and distribution for brands, wholesalers, retailers, dealers, workshops and end customers
  • A product that integrates with online marketplaces and e-commerce retail systems including Channel Advisor, CommerceConnect, Intelligent Reach, Magento, Neto, Shopify and others
  • Product and fitment data to retail channels like eBay using their vehicle table
  • A platform that deploys and powers e-commerce systems faster and with more flexibility
  • Building custom web sites, solutions and interpretive technologies to make this data available where ever it needs to be and in the correct format.
  • Offering advice, data management and analysis services using leading edge robotic and intelligent systems
  • Localised and global capability using experienced subject matter expertise.